Performance Sistemas

We are a company specialized in IT systems and solutions for transportation.


Our focus is on the control of passengers and vehicles for terrestrial and aeronautical transport.

Our strength is on the management of large amount of data coming from multiple sources and owned by different entities, whether governmental, private or semi-private.

Our solutions include passengers and airspace management, with a special emphasis on security and the auditing and collection of taxes.




Understanding how to manage large amounts of data from the transportation industry has given us a very specific skill in high demand – the ability to cross reference information and make projections to answer critical management questions at the heart of the business


Software Development

We develop our own software to support our consulting efforts and build our products. We also offer our customers the possibility to use our development capacities to create specific applications. This includes data-mining tools over multiple databases with different ownerships, reporting and statistical tools, E-Commerce and mobile applications for the transportation industry.



Overflight Tax

Our Overflight Billing System provides the capability for civil aviation to efficiently calculate the Air Traffic Service charges due from the Aircraft Operators for all operations within their airspace and at all airports within their jurisdiction. The Overflight Billing System generates the data necessary to create the invoices for the “overflight tax” to the aircraft operators


Passenger Tax

Our Passenger Tax auditing and billing system offers the most complete ticket based tax auditing system for airport or civil aviation. We use Airline Departure Control System (DCS) messaging as the primary data source, and cross checks all information against bar coded boarding passes read at the security check points and data coming from the Airport Operational Database (AODB).

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